Industrial Revolution

Making the elaborate instrument with rough hand that cut bamboo
From "Two Brands One Team" to focus on the development of electric energy meters

28th September, 1970

The predecessor of Holley Group is ‘Yuhang Bamboo Ware and Rain Gear Factory’ that combined with three workshops that produced bamboo wares, umbrella, pen-pipe and brooms.

In July 1971

Holley produced the first batch of DD16 electric meters and achieved a thrilling move from handicrafts to industrial products.

In 1975

The samples of the DD28 type electric energy meter that Holley has participated in the development passed the appraisal of Harbin Institute of Electrical Instrumentation and were listed as one of the four batch test plants for the production of DD28 type electricity meter in China, and then became an industry star.

In 1982

Passing the examination and inspection of the national electric energy meter production license assessment team, Holley Group obtained the DD28 single-phase electric energy meter production license, marking the entry into the factory era.