From responsibility to Sentiment

Antimalarial drug - Artemisinin

In the beginning of 21 century, the domestic artemisinin market is disordered, as well as high input cost, long return period, no enterprise seems to bother. As the scientific payoffs of artemisinin is a painstaking achievement of Chinese senior scientists, industrialization and internationalization is attached great importance to bring it to world. In the process of responding the national ‘Go West’ strategy, Holley knew about artemisia, which is a special resource in western part of China. Acknowledging how important the artemisinin is, Holley Group firstly held the flag of industrialization and internationalization with its patriotism and responsibility. Holley also boosted WHO to recommend artemisinin as the preferred antimalarial drug in 2004, which significantly improve the artemisinin diplomacy, hence, push the development of the globalization of Chinese medicine.

Holley built the only artemisinin industrial chain in the world including breeding seeds, planting artemisia, processing and extracting, medicine manufacturing, research and development and global marketing.

Holley Group has already sold more than 100,000,000 pieces of artemisinin antimalarial drugs, as its owned brands Cotecxin, Artem, Artemdine, Duo-cotecxin have been registered in more than 40 African countries , and it saves millions of patients every year which becomes a tight connection between China and Africa.

In 2006, Holley Group became one of the implementation companies for the Ministry of Commerce to do foreign aid. Until now, Holley has participated more than 300 antimalarial drugs aid projects that organized by Chinese government, and donated more than 18 million pieces of antimalarial drugs of which value is more than 50 million dollars. Meanwhile, Holley actively organized 21 times foreign aid training courses supported by the Ministry of Commence. More than 550 students from 61 countries take part in theses courses which teach them about malaria control, tropical diseases control and medical apparatus. Adhering to teach how to fish, Holley do its best to improve the friendship between China and Africa with its sentiment, and promote the collaboration between China and Africa through market.

Electric products and service

The energy meters of Holley Group have been sold to more than 10 countries in Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, Western Africa and Northern Africa, and has gradually realized production localization, services and production customization through deep cooperation with local cooperative partners in Nigeria, Ghana, and Southern Africa, which not only promoting the local employment, but also help the development of electric power construction in Africa.

The non-discrete photovoltaic power generation technology of Holley brings luminosity to remote region in Africa. In 2003, Holley established its international company and involved in photovoltaic products and systems, power grid equipment and engineering fields. Until now, Holley International has settled its subsidiaries and office stations in Nigeria, Rwanda and Venezuela, and its small and medium off-grid solar system is warmly welcomed by its local government and people as it is clean energy and environmental friendly.