In 2000, Holley has three strategies ‘Technology Creative, Capital Operation, Globalization ‘, and the first place to carry out it is in Thailand.

In 2000,

Holley established a energy meters assembly plant in Bangkok, which implement ‘ produced in sales places’ strategy.

In 2005,

Holley constructed Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone with Amata Group, which make it more convenient for Chinese enterprises to go out together.

In 2010,

the first phase of Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone completed, which covers 1.5 square kilometers, and then started the second phase.

In 2017,

more than 100 companies had settled in Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone, and it covers 6 square kilometers.


In 2010, Holley Ecological Industrial (Cambodia) Co., Ltd was established and the registered capital is 10 million dollars. The business scope is agricultural investing operations, including the cultivation and operation of rice, bean, corn, cassava, rubber,sisal, mulberry and tropical fruits.

In 2010, Holley Cambodia constructed the agricultural ecological park in Cambodia, which located in Ratanakiri province. The park covers about 7200 hectares, and get the economic license of land from Cambodian government and agricultural department in 2014.

At present, the developed land covers about 2000 hectares, in which main grains are rice, cassava, rubber and sisal. The agricultural park now has modern mechanical equipment, overseas agricultural specialists, and has built administrative area there.

Now, Holley is planning to increase investment, promote land development and expand the planting area in order to build an Chinese-funded overseas modern agricultural park in Cambodia.