Wazam New Material Co., Ltd(SH603186)

Wazam New Material was established in 2003, and floated on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in January 2017. It is the high-tech enterprise supported by nation and China Printed Circuit Association's outstanding national brand enterprise. The main products such as CCL, functional composite materials and thermoplastic honeycomb materials which are widely used in communication signal exchange system, cloud computing storage system, automatic driving signal acquisition system, Internet of Things radio frequency system, medical equipment, rail transit, new energy, green logistics and other major areas.

As the pioneer of thermoplastic honeycomb materials, the leader of the functional composite materials and the top manufacturer of CCL, based on these three major industries, Wazam New Material focuses on the upgrading and transformation of products especially for the New composite materials to become an excellent provider of system solutions for new materials such as high-end electronics and specialty composites.

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