Management Revolution

From industry star to industry leader

From extensive from standard factory

In 1982

The products are named “Holley” with the intention of creating a national brand, and have been approved by the Industrial and Commercial Administration of the People's Republic of China (82) No. 981.

In 1987

Recommended by the Workers' Congress, Yuhang County Second Light Industry Corporation appointed Richard Wang as the director and implemented the full responsibility of the director. 

In 1989

Holley Energy Meter implemented separation of production and sales, established a sales service company, and implemented a regionalization strategy.
After Richard Wang was appointed, he proposed the 40-word business strategy of “multi-variety development, specialized production, large group model, small accounting system, all-round development, multi-angle management, mixed economy and cross-regional strategy”.

In 1993

The Group was upgraded to the first batch of enterprise groups, and the Group's comprehensive economic indicators ranked first in the national electrical instrument industry, thus becoming a leading enterprise in the industry.