Mechanism Revolution

From mechanism constraints to clear property rights

The strategy changed from instruments to pharmacy

In 1994

In order to activate the system and conform to the general trend of reform, Holley, as one of the pilot units of the 100 modern enterprise in Zhejiang Province, opened the reform of the property rights system and received wide attention from the society.

In 1996

Merged Chongqing Electric Meter Factory, the largest electric meter factory in Southwestern China, and took the first step of cross regional development and M&A development.

In 1999

Through the divestiture of personnel, debts and assets, and acquired the net shell of ST Chuanyi, a listed company in Chongqing, took off the hat of ST and changed its name to Chongqing Holley Holdings in half a year, which opened the first step of capital management.

In September 2000

Firstly put forward the strategy ‘ Technology Leading, Capital Operation, Globalization’.

In October 2000

Holley has set up an electric energy meter factory in Thailand and has taken an important step in implementing the internationalization strategy.
Since June 1994, Holley Group has reformed the Property Rights System many times which has received extensive attention from the society. In June 2000, CCTV's "Contemporary Workers" column team recorded a feature film on "The Enterprise was Restructured" at Holley.

Since 2000

It involved in the pharmaceutical industry taking the industrialization of artemisinin as the first step. And since 2002, it has acquired and controlled Kunming Pharmaceutical (Now KPC Group SH600422) and Wuhan Jianmin (Now Jianmin Group SH600976), and completed the strategic layout from resources to varieties marketing network through further acquisition and integration.

In the beginning of 2006

Holley announced to adjust the pharmaceutical industry as its core industry.

In 2004

The sales revenue of Holley Group exceeded 1.4 billion dollars, marking the company's development has reached a new level.