Model Revolution

From being bigger and stronger to being better, stronger and longer

From products going out to industry going out

In 2004

Holley’s Thai energy meter manufacturing plant occupies the main market in Thailand, and the ‘produce in sales area’ strategy has been effectively implemented. In 2005, Holley innovated its overseas development model and invested in Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone in eastern Thailand which cover 12 square kilometers and became one of the first eight overseas industrial parks.

Jul. 2007

The business concept transformed from being bigger and stronger to being better stronger and longer, emphasize the improvements of economic operation with quality

In Feb. 2007

“Holley’s Soft Power Manual” and “HL8000 Holley Group’s Social Responsibilities Standards and Evaluation System” were released at the annual meeting of Holley Group. In May, “Zhejiang Green Sharing Education Foundation”,a non-public fundraising foundation initiated and founded by Richard Wang, was established.

In 2009

put forward the development strategy “Extracting Values, Integrating Resources, Achieving Win-win Cooperation”.