Ideological Revolution

From confusion to insight

From the old world to the new world

In May 2014

Holley’s revolutionary mobilization project – Holley Everest Plan kicked off, and the decision-making level “North to the South” study tour opened the ideological revolution of embracing the Internet and innovating for change.

In July 2014

Holley held the first innovation and development conference, and put forward the "innovative development under the Internet era" in depth; pushed down the "insulation wall" and flattened the organizational structure.

In September 2015

Firstly put forward the framework of ‘Holley Big Health Industry Development Strategy’.

In January

The official launch of “Holley Big Health Industry Development Strategy V1.0” at the annual meeting of Holley marked that Holley has found a solution of “innovation-driven, ecological development” after three years of “innovation and seeking”; and it put forward the business philosophy of “protecting the green homeland and sharing a healthy lifestyle”.