Holley in Africa

From Responsibility to Feeling

Artemisinin antimalarials

Around 2000, the domestic artemisinin industry was in a disorderly and chaotic situation. In addition, the investment cost was high and the return cycle was long, so no one paid attention to it. However, the scientific research achievements of artemisinin embody the painstaking efforts of the older generation of Chinese scientists. How to industrialize and internationalize artemisinin is the only way to realize the value of the scientific research achievements of artemisinin.In response to the "westward strategy" of the country, Huali affiliated with artemisinin, a characteristic resource in the western region. Huali took the lead in carrying the banner of industrialization and internationalization of artemisinin with strong national feelings and sense of responsibility, and promoted WHO to recommend artemisinin antimalarial drugs as the first choice of antimalarial drugs in 2004, to promote artemisinin diplomacy, and to take artemisinin industry as an opportunity to drive Chinese medicine. Internationalization speeds up development.

Holley has built the only artemisinin industry chain in the world, which includes seed cultivation, cultivation, processing and extraction, patent medicine manufacturing, scientific research and development, and international marketing.

Holley's artemisinin antimalarials have been registered and sold in more than 40 countries in Africa. Its own brands, such as Cotecxin, Artem, Artemedine and Duo-cotecxin, have sold hundreds of millions of artemisinin preparations, saving millions of lives in malaria-ravaged Africa every year and becoming civil ambassadors to draw closer to Central Africa.

In 2006, Huali became a foreign aid implementation enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce. Up to now, Huali has implemented more than 300 anti-malarial drug assistance projects of the Chinese government, providing more than 350 million yuan worth of anti-malarial drugs to countries in malaria areas and 18 million people. At the same time, Huali also undertook 21 foreign aid training courses organized by the Ministry of Commerce. More than 550 trainees from 61 countries participated in the training of malaria control, tropical disease control and medical devices organized by Huali. With the concept of "teaching people to fish", Huali paid tribute to China-Africa friendship and upgraded China-Africa cooperation with the market.

Electric Power Products and Services

Huali brand watt-hour meter products have covered more than ten countries in South Africa, East Africa, West Africa and North Africa in non-sales network. Through in-depth cooperation with local partners in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other markets, Huali brand watt-hour meter products have gradually realized the localized production, service and even product development and customization of power metering products, including smart meters, which not only promotes and promotes local employment. And it helps to build electricity in Africa.

Huali's non-discrete photovoltaic power generation has brought "light" to remote areas of Africa. As early as 2003, Huali International Company was established and entered the field of photovoltaic products and systems, power grid equipment and engineering. Up to now, Huali International has set up overseas subsidiaries and offices in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Venezuela and other places. Small and medium-sized off-grid solar energy systems have penetrated into Africa, bringing clean green energy to local residents, and are well recognized and favored by local governments and people.