181 Maker Land

Located in No.181, Wuchang road, Yuhang district, Hangzhou, 181 Maker Land covers about 40 hectares, and it is planning to be 800,000 square meters with 570 million dollars overall investment. By the end of 2018, it has been introduced and incubated more than 500 enterprises, including 15 state-level high-tech enterprises, 3 new listed companies, 3 preparing main board listed companies and the total revenue exceed 1.2 billion dollars.

As the creative driven soil layer of Holley’s ‘Big Health’ development strategy, 181 Maker Land undertakes the responsibilities of creating an innovative and entrepreneurial incubation environment. With the principles of ‘ The same ecology, creating win-win results’ and effectively combines the strategic development direction of Western Hangzhou Technology Innovation Corridor, it will give full play to the advantages of Holley’s industrial resources in the past 50 years. Accurately focus on promoting the agglomeration, incubation and growth of ‘big health, intelligent manufacturing, cross-border e-commerce business’ and effectively cooperate with the development of ‘big health’ industry, 181 Maker Land will eventually develop into an headquarter economic circle that combined with innovation, venture, life, leisure time, entertainment, study and social activities.