The business concept of Holley’s ‘Big Health’ industrial ecology — Protecting Green Homeland, Sharing a Healthy Lifestyle

From ‘Towering Trees’ to ‘Banyan Forest Ecology’
Breaking the boundaries of enterprises, building an industrial ecology with openness, and achieving win-win cooperation

The so-called ‘Big Health’ industry includes all the services and products that closely related to human health, such as pharmaceutical products, health products, nutritious foods, medical equipment, intelligent hardware, health management services, fitness and leisure, medical tourism and old-aged health. At the same time, ‘Big Health’ industry includes all the relevant industries that help people to realize life values with physical and mental pleasure and it aims at protect and enhance people’s life quality through human health medical services, health and fitness services, healthy living services and learning and entertainment as well as commits to protecting the environment on which people dependent (blue sky/ white clouds/ green mountains/ clear water) and coexisting with the state of nature.

To create a ‘Big Health’ ecosystem with ecological scenes and platform thinking.
We do business to business with the thing of business to consumer, and establish the consumer connection, therefore, build a consumer to manufacture manufacturing system.
From products/commodities to services, to create a ‘extreme products+extended services’ model.
From a closed large company to a open platform, build a borderless ‘ecological’ platform.

Protect the green homeland

Holley actively engaged in environmentally friendly business, including providing technologies and overall solutions that help conserve the traditional energy and push the development of clean energy and promote the application of new materials without pollution. We make great efforts to reduce the pressure on environment during the manufacturing process and try our best to promote environmental protection awareness and the concept of harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature. We devote to be the protector of our green homeland on which we are dependent.

Share a healthy life

Holley actively guides the Holleyer to develop a healthy lifestyle and then share with users. Holley’s concept of ‘sharing’ is Hollyer do it first and share this ‘ positive, healthy and happy’ lifestyle with its users. We hope with the economic development, the happiness index of Chinese will continue to increase.